Wednesday, 2 March 2016

From UFO to PFO

My February sewing challenge for myself was to turn some long-standing UFOs (unfinished objects) into PFOs (proudly finished objects).  I was partially successful in that I finished the play tent, but unfortunately the tablet cover, although no longer at the bottom of a rather large bag of stuff, still remains unfinished.

I'm pretty pleased with the play tent.  I didn't use a pattern so it's great that it actually stands up!  I guess my trigonometry wasn't quite up to scratch as the sides are a teensy bit saggy, so I'm going to add some ties to the top to go around the poles, just to help the tent keep its shape.

I would have finished sooner, but at the last minute I decided to add some colour by using some fabric crayons to colour in the feather-style pattern, which turned out to be a rather laborious process!  The boys love it, so it was all worthwhile 😌.