Saturday, 7 May 2016

May Sewing Challenge - Try Something New

My sewing prompt for May is "Try Something New". I have a couple of things in mind for this. The first is English Paper Piecing. I've seen many examples of it; some of it I like, some not so much, but it does seem to have many possibilities to be creative. One of the main reasons that I've avoided it is because of how fiddly it looks, but I thought a small cushion cover would be a manageable project.

(image source)

The second is crazy quilting.  Again this is something I've seen around a lot but I'm not quite sure that I like. However it does look like with the various layouts and fabric, colour, stitch and embellishment choices the ability to put your own stamp on things is pretty much infinite.  I did find this example on Pinterest which I think is very pretty.

(image source)

Both of these projects are fairly outside of my comfort zone so would be worth trying to help develop both my stitching and design skills. I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to try them both, but I'll give it a good try.