Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TAST 61 - Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole

I had real trouble with this stitch at first. I just couldn't get it to sit right. So I went back to practise (stitch 3) Feather Stitch and to learn (stitch 26) Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch (I found Mary Corbett's video for UDBS really useful). After that it all went much more smoothly.

This sampler is made up of all three stitches.

For further details about TAST or to see the list of all the stitches so far head over to Pin Tangle.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Creative Connections Blog Tour Round-up

Well, the blog tour is over, but what a fun ride. I'm glad I stepped out of my shell a bit and took part.  It was great to see so many different disciplines - sewing, art, jewellery-making, even a novelist! - in many different mediums, but also to discover what we had in common.  A pleasant surprise for me was how international the tour was.  In case you missed it here's a list of all the blogs that took part. If you're quick you might even find a giveaway or two that is still open.  And while you're at it why not check out the Creative Connections community as well?

1 - The Old Button  www.theoldbutton.blogspot.co.uk
2 Loopy’s Place www.loopysplace.co.uk/blog.html
3 Sussesspindehyrne www.sussesspindehjrne.blogspot.dk
4 - Vicky Myers Creations www.vickymyerscreations.wordpress.com
7 - Arlene's Crafts www.arlenes-crafts.blogspot.com
8 - Personal Space Interiors www.personal-space-interiors.blogspot.co.uk
10 - Me
11 - Pastelesta www.pastelesta.wordpress.com
12 - Lilly My Cat www.lillymycat.blogspot.com
15 - Bridgit's Bell www.bridgitsbell.blogspot.com
16 - Silent Companions www.silentcompanions.blogspot.co.uk

Sunday, 4 August 2013

TAST 56-60: Sailor's Stitch, Sailor's Edge Stitch, Woven Detached Chain Stitch, Breton Stitch and Diamond Stitch

Long time no stitch! It's been an age since I picked up needle and thread. Lately my go-to craft has been crochet, but I've missed my embroidery, so yesterday I decided to start catching up with the TAST challenge (and I've got a lot of catching up to do!).

As I'm so far behind I've only done a short line of each stitch.

56. Sailor's Stitch.  
57. Sailor's Edge Stitch.  
58. Woven detached chain stitch.

57. Breton Stitch.
58. Diamond Stitch.

I found it tricky to get the tension right with the woven detached chain stitch, but it's nothing that a little practise wouldn't cure.  I also tried to get a wavy line of Breton stitches, but it didn't quite work. I think maybe the stitches needed to be closer together.  So, five down twelve to go to get caught up! 

It's been a while since I've seen what everyone's been up to with TAST so I'm off to Pin Tangle to have a look.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Creative Crafting Summer Blog Tour

creative crafting summer blog tour

Yay! The Creative Crafting Summer Blog Tour starts today.  Hop on board  and visit a different creative blog a day during August.  Sharon from The Old Button is kicking things off, so why not go and say hello?  I'm so excited to be one of the scheduled stops.  Look out for my post on 10th August.  Take a look here for all the other stops on the tour.

By the way, there are still a few stops available, so if you have a creative blog and you'd like to take part then get in touch: thecrystallady (at) creative-crafting (dot) com.