Thursday, 23 May 2013

Buttoned Up

I've never been a particular fan of buttons. No, scratch that. I've never paid much attention to buttons. They were always just things you put on a shirt - usually plain white and very unremarkable. But then some time last year while in a yarn shop I found some buttons in the most gorgeous shade of pinky-purple. So I bought a few. Just because. Then I got several packs of buttons as free gifts with craft magazines.  Then I saw a blog entry about a shop in Cardiff (that's where I live) called Claire Grove Buttons. So I paid it a visit and was smitten by the incredible array of decorative buttons on display. And I bought a few. Just because they were so pretty. And so on, and so on gradually building up a nice little collection.  My latest button acquisition (pictured second) is from Berry Nice Cushions on Folksy.  I didn't mean to buy any. I was just enjoying having a look. But then they were so cute, and the price was so reasonable, and I succumbed to temptation.

The thing is, now that I've developed a button habit I'm not entirely sure what to do with them! I've used a few in my crochet flower hair clips and bookmarks, and although I've got loads more plain clips to use up (so loads more crochet flower/button combo opportunities) it would be nice to try using them in some other way.  I've had a quick look on Pinterest and have seen some lovely ideas, but I'm on the lookout for more. That way I can use up my button stash and also have an excuse to give in to my newest vice ;). So if you've come across any beautiful button crafts please point me to them.


  1. another vice Lilian!! we all get tempted to start new collections don1t we, buttons are not on my list yet but I do have both my Grandmother`s and Mum`s old buttons but of course whenever I need a button for something there is never the right one in the box and I have to buy another!! Do you go to the show held every year in Cardiff, not sure if the oh ah button lady goes as it is a good few years now since I worked at the shows.

  2. recently, I bought too some buttons. all these little things are so colorful, so cute. how can we resist ? I use them too for hear clips, but I am looking for other ideas too.


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