Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cardiff Craft and Hobby Show

At the end of May I went to the Cardiff Craft and Hobby Show. I think that this is the second or maybe the third one, but it was my first time attending. 

Personally I was a little disappointed. If I had been into jewellery, jewellery-making or papercrafts then I would have had a ball. But although there were a few stands selling finished stitched goods, there was less than a handful of stands selling fabric, yarn and other stitchy supplies, which is what I was really hoping to find.  Having said that I did manage to buy a few things, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise that there wasn't more to tempt me! I think the show has got a lot of potential and I'd probably go again, but I would like to see more textiles and needlecraft stands in 2014.  So if you're a supplier of stitchy goods, then there might be an opportunity for you...

So what did I get? Some lovely May Arts chevron ribbon in three colours from Anna Marie Designs, of course a few new buttons to add to my burgeoning collection (the stripy buttons are my favourite), some plain polycotton fabric in a fabulous shade of blue and a bargain bag of crochet cotton (not pictured), which I hope to turn into as shawl for an upcoming birthday present.


  1. I had wondered about the show as you mentioned you were going. I was thinking it was the show organised by ICHF but maybe not. I worked that show for years and it gradually went more and more to paper crafts and I know a lot of the stitching stands stopped going. As you say it saved your pennies!

  2. Lovely looking buttons and ribbons.


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