Thursday, 21 March 2013

TAST 51 - Raised Herringbone Band

This band uses a combination of stitches to produce a very decorative band. It is time-consuming but I do like the finished result.

I had planned to stitch something different but in the end I came up with this colourful Easter-inspired egg.  The satin stitch was done in Janlynn DFN threads (I don't know anything about them, size or even colour - they came in a value pack with no information, but it's a twisted thread about twice the thickness of Perle no. 8), the herringbone in Aida crochet cotton no. 20, and the weaving in Anchor metallic.

Do head over to Pin Tangle to see how the band is worked.  It's well worth reading through the comments to see how people have interpreted the stitch. The TAST FAQ page also lists all the stitches done so far by number so you can easily look at previous examples.


  1. Lilian very mouthwatering, no chocolate for me during Lent!!Not heard of janlyn threads but they are kit manufactureres so i expect it is what they use in the kits, lovely colours.

  2. Even stitches, beautiful egg, Easter is approaching...

  3. A beautiful use of this stitch.

  4. your easter egg is lovely. it is a very creative idea to use this stitch

  5. I haven't tried this stitch yet. Your Easter egg looks wonderfully colourful and very nicely stitched.


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