Saturday, 8 September 2012

Granny A Day - Weeks 35 and 36

The last 3 weeks of the school holidays were manic! But while we were away on holiday I got my Granny-A-Day mojo back. I've known that I wanted to make a red, white and blue blanket ever since I finished a scarf for baby boy in that colour scheme, but never got around to doing anything about it apart from buying the yarn. I always work best when I have a clear plan laid out, so I sat down and worked out a block arrangement, and the crochet flowed easily.

The blocks will have a 3-row granny square at the centre in solid red, white or blue, surrounded by 3 rows in red or blue, surrounded by 3 rows in white, and I plan to make it 8x8 blocks which should give a nice man-sized blanket. So far I've made 48 out of the 64 centres that I need. I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished.

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