Wednesday, 13 May 2015

WIP Wednesday

Baby Blanket
Well, it looks like a blanket!  All the strips have been crocheted together and I've started putting a border around the edge.

I've gone for a simple treble crochet border.

I'm not quite sure yet whether to do multi-coloured rows (matching the blanket colours) or  to go with a plain border.  As it's a baby blanket I'm leaning towards multi-coloured.  Any thoughts?

I'm dreading weaving in the ends.  There are so many.  Next blanket I make from scratch is going to be monochromatic!


  1. I think multi-coloured border would be nice. It is looking lovely.

  2. The colours are fabulous! I love the 'gas flame blue', orange and yellow. I think you should have at least one of the colours from the granny squares in the border, too.


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