Thursday, 18 October 2012

Look What I Made - Kid's Backpack

This is older boy's new backpack.  I made it.  It's been upcycled from a waterproof chair cover that hasn't seen the light of day for about 10 years! I'm doubly proud of it because I made it from scratch.  From deciding how I wanted it to look, to drafting the pattern and working out all the measurements to get it to fit together, to actually putting it together.  It wasn't all straightforward, but when I cut the last of the loose threads and turned the bag the right way out, I felt elated.  When older boy said he loved it I was thrilled. I suppose that must be what he feels like when he presents one of his much-loved creations to us for approval.  I like it so much I'm going to make a smaller version for baby boy to take to nursery.

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