Thursday, 5 January 2012

Granny a Day 2012

I agreed to take part in the challenge set by Ali from Hooked!! A Crochet Addict's Blog to crochet a Granny square a day for the whole of 2012! I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking as I've got a hundred other projects that I'd like to start or finish. But I do tend to faff around a lot when I find that I finally have some time available to do some making, and end up frittering the time away trying to decide what to make. So maybe this will help to focus my mind.  Maybe if I get into the habit of doing something every day it might inspire me to actually start crossing some projects off my ideas list.

And so to the squares.  Four completed so far and another in progress.  One normal-sized square (measuring about 7.5cm/3in across) and three teeny squares made using a 1.5mm hook. Why am I crocheting teeny granny squares?  Well, that's another story. I'm not sure how/if I'll make use of them, but it's good practice and a good way to experiment with colours.  The motif isn't quite right yet, but with a few tweaks I think it will be OK.

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